The current car leasing business model is still strong and valid but at the same time, car leasing companies are faced with big changes shift in the next 15 years. In some countries, these shifts are dynamic than in other countries. The shift to electric cars, car sharing, and mobility as a service is going to stay and needs lots of attention to keep or build a market position in the new market of mobility. Not only the attention of the highest educated people within the organization also it needs heavy investments. The money goes to the drivers and mobility app, car sharing program, getting the full knowledge of the electric cars and mobility and to provide advice to customers how to shift to sustainable mobility with the highest availability of ‘business movement’ at the lowest price and CO2 level. Next, to this major change, the digitization of the car leasing business including the growing private lease business and online sales funnels keeps marketing and sales very busy.

Be aware: the current business model has to pay for all these changes and heavy investments and that’s the model that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s pleasant to focus on new things but, what happens if we take a look at the old business model with our innovation expertise, there are still many valid questions to ask:

  • Is it possible to make the selection process of a leasing car into a profit center?
  • Are there opportunities to persuade the customer to choose different brands, other models, other CO2 levels?
  • Do car leasing companies really get the maximum discount on individually selected cars?
  • Is the pricing still based on excel sheets made at the end of the year, or is pricing an ongoing primary process mixed with realtime intelligence and analytics?
  • Can the order and delivery process change into a positive experience for all parties involved with less operational risks and costs?
  • Car damage and maintenance are important processes in terms of costs and customer happiness. Are there any options to predict, digitize and enhance the process?
  • Is there any change to lower the pressure on the remarketing department and take more time to match the right buyer to the right car?
  • How digital intelligent is the fleet optimizing the process? How to get the right mix of brands and cars in terms of residual value and risks?

If you rethink and reengineer of all the processes that count for a large part of the current profit we see huge potential to optimize the current business model based on new technologies and insights.

Together with our partner AutoFacets – part of Gateway Nintec –  we have redesigned all primary processes based on the questions asked and prepared new 4 modules to get the maximum result out of the good old business model. Our proposition works best for car leasing companies with 10.000+ passenger cars and consists of four new intelligent software modules.

Be advised that there is no need to change your current IT landscape. These modules are smart add-ons and don’t affect your current IT backbone.

Are you willing to re-engineer your processes? Please contact Thomas Edens at or Amar Gupta at

About Autofacets and Tincan Automotive: 

Autofacets ( is a global leader in digital automotive solutions, driven by passion for automotive. Also known as “A PARTNER WITH A DIFFERENCE” in the automotive world.

Tincan Automotive ( is a consultancy firm with in-depth knowledge of the automotive sector. Together with partners we develop marketing- and software concepts that add value to the current and future automotive value chain

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